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Statoil Mariner Development
KCA Deutag: Rigs for BP operations in OMAN ... constructed by Bentec
SIEMENS contract for first commercial offshore wind farm in USA  (Photo: London Array Windpark)
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Aker Solutions and Saipem to Cooperate on Subsea Projects

Dec. 18, 2015 + + + Aker Solutions and Saipem agreed to cooperate on targeted subsea oil and gas development projects worldwide. The companies will through a joint work group identify opportunities where they can create value for customers by combining Aker Solutions' capabilities in subsea products and technologies with Saipem's assets and expertise in engineering, procurement, construction and installation of subsea infrastructures ... read more


DNV GL Oil & Gas: Joint industry project seeks to advance
subsea standardization

Dec. 10, 2015 + + + Over the past 15 years, subsea technology has moved from subsea wells, manifolds, flowlines, and templates, to include subsea boosting, separation, and now compression. In the near future, deepwater wells will require more complex subsea equipment. Looking further ahead, the industry expects to see automated production entirely located on the seabed, piping oil and gas directly to shore through the “subsea factory” concept ... read more


Aker Solutions Wins Maintenance and Modifications
Contract From BP in Norway

Nov. 26, 2015   + + +   Aker Solutions won a framework agreement to provide maintenance and modifications services at BP-operated oil and gas fields offshore Norway. The contract has a fixed period of five years valued at as much as NOK 3.2 billion. It also contains options to extend the agreement by as many as four years. The accord starts on December 1, 2015 on expiration of an existing agreement for similar services ... read more

LEWA's biggest Chemical Injection Package
for offshore application on a FPSO

Oct. 2015  + + +  LEWA has finished its biggest package up to today: The LEWA Chemical Injection Package for offshore application on a Brazilian floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) weighs 715 tons and measures 21.3 x 21 x 11 meters. In this ambitious project, our engineers faced major challenges. But in more than 7,500 hours of engineering, the LEWA giant was successfully realized. With this special solution, LEWA once again confirms its unique know-how as a leading global pump manufacturer and system integrator... read more

Statoil starts up shore-powered Troll A compressors
Troll A gas platform offshore Norway with two new power compressors on the topsides

Oct. 23, 2015  + + +  ABB has delivered its second power-from-shore system to the Statoil-operated Troll A gas platform in the North Sea, 70 km (43 mi) west of the Kollsnes gas treatment plant near Bergen.  As with the previous system, the aim is to power two compressors fitted to the platform’s topsides to compensate for decreasing pressure in the reservoir. The 3,000- ton compressor modules, which were installed last year, began operating earlier this month. Electricity is supplied using ABB’s HVDC Light technology, which takes alternating current (AC) from Norway’s national grid, converting it to direct current (DC) and transmitting it to the platform via 70 km-long cables ... read more

First subsea wet gas compressor
starts up at Gullfaks offshore Norway

Oct. 10, 2015   + + +  Statoil and partners Petoro and OMV have brought onstream the world’s first subsea wet gas compression on the seafloor of the Gullfaks field in the North Sea.  The technology, designed and supplied by OneSubsea, is expected to increase recovery by 22 MMboe and extend plateau production from the Gullfaks South Brent reservoir by around two years ... read more 

Statoil lets two more platform jacket contracts for Johan Sverdrup

Oct. 09, 2015   + + +  Statoil ASA let contracts for platform jackets for the Johan Sverdrup development offshore Norway to Kvaerner Verdal and Dragados Offshore SA ... more

World’s First Subsea Turbocompressor Unit in Operation


On Sept. 17. 2015, Norwegian Statoil announced the production start of the world’s first subsea gas compression facility at the Åsgard field in the Norwegian Sea. The facility features two MAN Diesel & Turbo HOFIM™ motor-compressor units which were supplied to Statoil’s contractor Aker Solutions ... more

Statoil:  Giant Mariner jacket designed for longevity, stability in severe storms


Aug. 19, 2015    + + +   This summer Saipem is due to launch and install the jacket for the Mariner field platform east of the Shetland Isles. The $7-billion project is the largest current greenfield development in the UK North Sea, and Statoil’s first as operator in the UK sector. The 22,400-ton jacket and the 54,000-ton topsides, to be installed next spring, will form the production, drilling, and quarters platform, with produced oil stored on a floating storage unit alongside for offloading to a shuttle tanker. Statoil aims to start production in early 2017 and to keep the field in production for 30 years ... more

Trelleborg Seal protects Shah Deniz subsea HIPPS valve


Aug. 25, 2015   + + +  Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed a new type of seal for a valve designed by Aberdeen-based Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering for BP’s Shah Deniz field development in the Caspian Sea. The high flow, high integrity subsea quick exhaust valve (QEV) was created for a subsea HIPPS (high integrity pressure protection system) ... more

Babcock: Subsea manifolds sail to Shetland fields


July 27, 2015  + + +   Babcock has completed construction and outfitting of two subsea manifolds for BP’s Quad 204 redevelopment west of Shetland.
Their combined weight is 326 metric tons (359 tons). Both were transported by freighter to Lerwick in Shetland then transferred to a heavy-lift vessel for installation at the Schiehallion and Loyal oil and gas fields. BP aims to extend production from the fields until 2035 ... more


Trelleborg to insulate Johan Sverdrup risers


July 27, 2015   + + +   Kvaerner has contracted Trelleborg to supply thermal insulation, corrosion and passive fire protection solutions for the Johan Sverdrup development in the central Norwegian North Sea. Trelleborg’s operation in Norway will provide Vikotherm R2 thermal insulation coating for application on 12 risers and corrosion coating for 195 riser guides, 40 caisson guides, and 15 J-tube guides ... more


Thialf completes Edvard Grieg platform installation


July 16, 2015   + + +  Heerema’s heavy-lift vessel Thialf has completed installation of the topsides modules onto the Edvard Grieg field jacket in the central Norwegian North Sea. The vessel lifted four modules – the main deck frame, the utility and living quarters module, the processing module and the flare boom, with a total weight of 22,000 metric tons (24,251 tons). Lundin operates in partnership with Wintershall, OMV, and Statoil ... more


MAN lands another big order from Oman


July 15, 2015   + + +   Under the heading of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), PDO has placed the current order with a volume approaching the three-digit million euro range with MAN. The compressor trains are to be used to increase natural gas extraction as part of the "Rabab Harweel Integrated Project". Together with six other compressor trains ordered from MAN by PDO back in mid-2014, MAN Diesel & Turbo's Swiss plant has thus landed the biggest order in its history ... more


DNV GL secures inspection campaign
for Maria offshore Norway


July 08, 2015   + + +   Wintershall Norge has awarded DNV GL a five-year frame agreement to provide global inspection services for its field developments offshore Norway. The contract, which carries an option for two, two-year extensions, initially applies to the Maria oil and gas field project in the Norwegian Sea. Maria is in 300-350 m (984-1,148 ft) of water in the Haltenbanken region. It will be developed using subsea facilities tied via rigid flowlines and flexible risers to ... more


MTU drives in firewater pumps on Norway's Johan Sverdrup
oil platform


July 08, 2015   + + +  Norway has plans to tap into a new oil field by the end of 2019. The Johan Sverdrup oilfield is situated offshore some 155 km to the west of Stavanger in south-west Norway. Oil field operator Statoil is commissioning the construction of a field centre with living, process, drilling and production platforms. Five Framo firewater pumps powered by MTU Series 4000 units are to be deployed in the living and production areas ... more


Maersk Discoverer completes BP well,
claims two offshore Mediterranean records


July 07, 2015   + + +  While its Maersk Discoverer was at work for BP earlier this year, Maersk Drilling has laid claim to the deepest well drilled in Egypt and the longest drilled in the Mediterranean Sea.  Maersk Drilling said that its sixth-generation semisubmersible completed the latest well in the North Damietta Offshore Concession in the East Nile Delta , Atoll-1, on May 5, two months ahead of schedule. It discovered 50 m (164 ft) of gas pay in high-quality Oligocene sandstones while setting multiple regional records


Bentec to supply drilling package for Caspian Sea platform


06-26, 2015  + + +  Nobel Oil has commissioned Bentec to build a drilling rig for offshore operations in the Azeri sector of the Caspian Sea. The offshore drilling package will include Bentec’s recently introduced 750-ton top drive and 3,000-hp drawworks. The rig will be installed on an existing platform in early 2016, three years after the company sold its first 500-ton top drive to a Caspian Sea operator. Source: Offshore Magazine


Siemens hands over
fourth North Sea grid connection HelWin2 to TenneT


June 22, 2015   + + +   With HelWin2, Siemens has handed over the fourth North Sea grid link to the customer TenneT. This marks the start of commercial operation of the grid connection by the German-Dutch transmission grid operator. All in all, there are now four Siemens grid links with a transmission capacity of over 2.9 gigawatts (GW) installed in the North Sea which together are capable of supplying around four million German households with electricity ... more


Subsea infrastructure taking shape at Aasta Hansteen
off mid-Norway


June 19, 2015 + + + Three subsea templates have been installed ahead of schedule at the Aasta Hansteen field in the Norwegian Sea in 1,300 m (4,265 ft) of water. Aker Solutions built the templates in Sandnessjøen. According to operator Statoil, all are of a new design in which the top structure is separated from the base structure. This allows the templates to be installed in deep and rough waters using a smaller installation vessel.
Boa Sub C, which performed the work, has a lifting capacity of 400 metric tons (441 tons) ... more


Rosneft outlines Russian Arctic investigations


June 17, 2015   + + +  Rosneft says its Kara-Winter-2015 scientific-exploratory program has been completed offshore northern Russia. This is the world’s widest-ranging arctic expedition of the past 20 years, the company claims, supported by the Arctic Research and Design Center and the FSBI Arctic and Antarctic research institute. The 10-week exploration campaign involved the Yamal atomic icebreaker travelling from the Barents Sea up to the East Siberian Sea, along virtually the entire Russian Arctic shore ... more


Wintershall starts up lightweight North Sea platform


June 16, 2015   + + +   Wintershall has produced first gas through the unmanned mini-platform serving the L6-B field in the Dutch North Sea. The facility was built in nine months and delivered to its offshore location last June. It is one of a new generation of platforms designed for deployment in very shallow waters and for economic production from small gas fields ... more


Statoil begins installation work
on Asgard subsea compression modules


June 9, 2015   + + +  Statoil ASA has started installation of the modules comprising the subsea gas compression plant for Asgard field in the Norwegian Sea. A total of 22 modules will be installed and connected, forming two 1,500-tonne compressor trains. The modules over the summer will be laid in place in a large subsea frame that was installed 2 years ago. The newly rebuilt North Sea Giant vessel is carrying out installation work  ...  more


Palfinger wins Johan Sverdrup crane order


June 4, 2015 + + + Statoil has contracted Palfinger Dreggen to supply seven large offshore cranes for the Johan Sverdrup field complex in the central Norwegian North Sea. The cranes will have a lifting capacity of 60 tons, an outreach of roughly 60 m (197 ft)and will be equipped with full-electric drive. This feature should improve energy efficiency and lead to reduced maintenance, Palfinger claims, adding that the total lifecycle cost of electric cranes is lower than conventional electro-hydraulic solutions ... more


OMV tasks ASCO with Norway support services


June 4, 2015   + + +   OMV has commissioned ASCO Norge to provide supply base services for the company’s operations in the Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea ... more


Aker Solutions Wins First Order in Offshore Mexico


June 3, 2015  + + +  Aker Solutions won its first order for a project offshore Mexico as it secured a contract from Saipem to supply umbilicals for the Pemex-operated Lakach deepwater natural-gas field ...  more


Statoil adds features to latest Snøhvit umbilical


May 11, 2015   + + +  Statoil’s Snøhvit gas field in the Barents Sea offshore northern Norway will be equipped with a new static umbilical design, according to supplier Nexans. It will combine hydraulic, electrical, and fiber-optic services. The latest phase of the Snøhvit development will establish an additional well at a new carbon dioxide (CO2) injection template as well as preparing for gas production from existing templates ... more


Wintershall lets multiline Maria contract


May 08, 2015   + + +  Wintershall has let a $300-million contract to Subsea 7 for pipeline and subsea construction in its multihost development of Maria oil and gas field in the Norwegian Sea. The contract includes an engineering, procurement, construction, and installation agreement for three pipeline systems linking Maria with the Kristin, Heidrun, and Asgard B production platforms. Kristin will process production, receiving the Maria well stream through a 26-km flowline with a direct electrical heating cable. Water for injection will come from Heidrun via a 46-km, plastic-lined pipeline. Lift gas will come from subsea Tyrihans field through a 22-km pipeline from the Asgard B platform. Maria field lies 230 km offshore in 300 m of water ...  more


Germany's DanTysk Offshore Wind Power Plant Inaugurated


April 30, 2015 + + + DanTysk offshore wind power plant in the German North Sea was officially inaugurated today. Siemens has supplied, installed and commissioned 80 wind turbines for the 288-megawatt project, each designed to generate 3.6 megawatts of power and equipped with a 120-meter rotor. Now Siemens wind turbines with a total capacity of over 1 gigawatt feed offshore wind power into Germany's power grid. Owner and operator of DanTysk wind park is a consortium comprising the Swedish power company Vattenfall and Stadtwerke München, Munich's municipal utility ... more


E.ON reaches milestones in offshore wind power
in German and U.K. North Sea


April 29, 2015  + + +  Two E.ON offshore wind farms are gradually coming online, further increasing the economic significance of the company’s renewables business. Humber Gateway began exporting power to the U.K. grid at the end of February. Now Amrumbank West, which is located in the German North Sea, has also started producing power ... more


Goliat platform floated off south of Hammerfest


April 28, 2015   + + +   The massive Goliat cylindrical floating production, storage, and offloading vessel—which arrived in Hammerfest, Norway, on Apr. 17 after a 63-day voyage covering 15,608 nautical miles—has been successfully floated off from the Dockwise Vanguard heavy transport vessel. The platform will  be towed to Goliat field in the Barents Sea where it will connected to its 14 anchor lines. When the field comes on stream later this summer for operator Eni Norge AS, Goliat will become the world’s northernmost producing offshore oil field ... more

MOL Group Enters Norway Expanding its North Sea Portfolio

April 24,  2015 + + + MOL Group enters Norway by acquiring 100% ownership in Ithaca Petroleum Norge from Ithaca Petroleum Ltd. The deal fits well to MOL’s E&P strategy which aims to further balance its country risk profile as well as to seek new accretive international exploration and development opportunities ...more


BaSEC group to collaborate on Barents Sea exploration issues


April 21, 2015   + + +   Statoil, Eni Norge, Lundin Norway, OMV, and GDF SUEZ will collaborate to address operations tied to exploration in the Barents Sea. The Barents Sea Exploration Collaboration (BaSEC) will initially last for three years. The project will cover the Barents Sea, but with a special focus on the areas included in the 23rd licensing round. The companies aim to find common solutions for operations in the Barents Sea, and through that contribute to high level of safety and emergency response. This will be through sharing of data, cost-effective solutions, more collaboration, and increased coordination ... more 


AGR has secured a well engineering and operational
support services contract with DEA Norge


April 17, 2015 + + + The contract covers support in well planning and operational execution and consultancy manpower to DEA’s drilling projects on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). The contract includes HSEQ and environmental services in addition to well planning, project execution and post well reporting assistance ... more.


Aker Solutions and Fjords Processing Form Alliance


April 13, 2015   + + +   Aker Solutions and Fjords Processing have formed an alliance to develop technology and capabilities for advanced, cost-effective wellstream separation and treatment solutions for the subsea and topside oil and gas industry. The WellSep alliance will apply Aker Solutions' subsea processing experience and testing facilities and Fjords' topside and onshore separation technologies to provide complete solutions ... more


OMV-led group brings Maari field redevelopment well on stream


March 25, 2015  + + +  OMV Group’s latest redevelopment well drilled in Maari oil field on permit PMP 38160 offshore New Zealand’s Taranaki basin has been brought on stream at a rate of 7,800 b/d. OMV operates the field with 69%. Other partners include Todd Maari 16%, Horizon Oil 10% and Cue Energy 5%  ... more 


Statoil contracts Reinertsen to ready Kristin
for tie-in with Wintershall's Maria field


March 24, 2015   + + +   Statoil has contracted Reinertsen to prepare the Kristin platform for tie-in with Wintershall’s Maria field. The Statoil/Wintershall partnership aims to develop the Maria field as a subsea facility with two subsea templates ... more



Gullfaks subsea compressor nears installation


March 20, 2015   + + +   Statoil expects the world’s first subsea wet gas compression system to be installed offshore Norway next month. Since last October, the equipment has been undergoing final system integration tests at Horsøy outside Bergen. Results to date have been very positive, Statoil says ... more



DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
German upstream company turns into platform for growth
Lord Browne appointed head of DEA’s supervisory board


March 03, 2015   + + +   After the acquisition by LetterOne, the Hamburg based upstream company RWE Dea has a new owner, a new supervisory board and gets a new name. LetterOne is a privately owned Luxembourg-based global investment vehicle focused on utilizing its financial resources, management and investment expertise. At the first general meeting of shareholders a new supervisory board was appointed ... more


Aker Solutions Develops Capping Technology
to Limit Deepwater Drilling Risks

Feb. 19, 2015 - Aker Solutions delivered the key subsea component for the system being developed by Marine Well Containment Company to limit environmental risks from oil and gas production in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. The Subsea Containment Assembly, or SCA, is designed to contain a well-control incident by connecting and creating a seal to prevent oil leaks. It can also be used in a cap-and-flow plan to direct fluid to vessels on the surface. The technology works under pressures as high as 15,000 psi ... more

Partners submit Johan Sverdrup development plan


Feb. 13, 2015  + + +  Partners Statoil ASA, Lundin Petroleum AB, Petoro, Det Norske Oljeselskap ASA, and Maersk Oil have submitted a plan for development and operation (PDO) for Phase 1 of Johan Sverdrup field to the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. The oil field—which lies on the Utsira High in the North Sea, 155 km west of Stavanger—will be developed in several phases ... more


HAWKE Ex connectors from the Kernen-based company JACOB
support the modular concept of the VDD 400.2 offshore deep drilling rig from MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG

With its VDD 400.2 deep drilling rig, Deggendorf-based MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG provides a drilling rig for offshore use featuring a fully modular structure. The special feature of the rig is its structure made up of individual modules, with a weight limit of 12 tons per module. The advantage of this is that the entire rig can be assembled and disassembled in a quick and cost-effective manner under offshore conditions using the crane technology available on the respective drilling platform ... more (PDF 1,5 MB)
MAN Diesel & Turbo offers new offshore drilling generator set
2015-Feb-04   + + +   MAN Diesel & Turbo has launched its PA6 B Offshore GenSet that specifically targets semisubmersible drilling rigs.  The PA6 B is a four-stroke, medium-speed engine built at MAN Diesel & Turbo’s St. Nazaire, France, facility. St. Nazaire will assemble individual PA6 B OG units together with an alternator in constructing the new, offshore GenSets. Typically, 8 × 16PA6 B OG units are installed aboard a semisubmersible both for main and emergency power supply ... more
Kvaerner: Milestone contract for first Sverdrup substructure ... Riser platform at the Johan Sverdrup field

2015, Jan. 20   + + +  Kvaerner has today signed the final contract for delivery of the steel jacket substructure for the riser platform at the Johan Sverdrup field. For Kvaerner, the contract signing marks a milestone for the company's strategy to increase its competitive power ... more
The Liebherr RL-K 7500 subsea crane goes on a long journey

Jan. 20, 2015   + + +   Last September the test bed in Rostock was the stage of a spectacular single lift of the RL-K 7500 subsea crane. The same crane was now loaded and shipped to the South Korean customer ... more

Palfinger Aquires Norwegian Deck Machinery AS
NDM’s sales focus on major markets such as the U.S.A., Brazil, Europe, the Middle East and China

2015 - Jan 16   + + +   Austria-based Palfinger, a specialist in lifting solutions for the maritime industry and commercial vehicles, has completed the takeover of Norwegian Deck Machinery AS (NDM). The company develops and manufactures special winches and lifting and handling equipment for offshore vessels, offshore service vessels and oil & gas rigs ... more

Gazprom Neft receives two Arctic Shelf exploration licenses

Jan. 16, 2015  + + +  Gazpromneft Sakhalin, a subsidiary of JSC Gazprom Neft, has been awarded subsoil-use rights to the Severo-Zapadniy block on the Pechora Sea shelf and the Heysovskiy block on the Barents Sea shelf. The company says it has started geological and geophysical analysis of currently available information to construct a geological model of the region, identify the most promising structures within these blocks, and develop a program for further exploration and prospecting activities ... more

Statoil Mariner Development

2015, Jan. 14   + + +   Statoil ASA has let a contract to OSM Offshore Aberdeen Ltd., a subsidiary of OSM Offshore AS, to operate the Mariner floating storage unit (FSU) in Mariner oil field, within part of Block 9/11a of the UK continental shelf (UKCS).  + + +   Statoil in December let an integrated drilling and well services contract for Mariner to Schlumberger Oilfield UK PLC + + + and a Hook-Up and Commissioning Contract to Aker Solutions ... more

Brazilian MV24 project:
MAN: Successful commissioning of MAN compression modules
Units have taken up activity in the Brazilian Santos Basin

2014, Dec 22   + + +  The two compression modules on board of FPSO Cidade de Mangaratiba MV24 have been successfully commissioned for MODEC, the EPC contractor specialized in engineering, procurement, construction and installation of FPSOs. After a design, engineering and manufacturing period of only 18 months, the high pressure modules by MAN Diesel &Turbo in Switzerland will be deployed on the FPSO operated by MODEC for Brazilian oil multi Petrobras, maintaining the field pressure thus maximizing oil product ... moreion.

Statoil awards Mariner drilling and well services contract
to Schlumberger Oilfield UK

Dec. 19, 2014  -  Statoil has on behalf of the Mariner co-venturers awarded the contract for integrated drilling and well services on the Mariner field on the UK continental shelf (UKCS) to Schlumberger Oilfield UK Plc ... more

Aker Solutions Wins Hook-Up and Commissioning Contract
for Mariner Development

Dec 15, 2014   + + +  Aker Solutions secured a contract from Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering to provide engineering, construction and commissioning services for the hook-up phase of the Mariner oilfield development in the UK North Sea. Aker Solutions Wins Hook-Up and Commissioning Contract for Mariner DevelopmentThe agreement is worth more than GBP 120 million. It comes in addition to a five-year maintenance and modifications services contract awarded in June by Statoil for the Mariner field, which is set to start production in 2017 ... more

Nexans’ deepest power umbilicals installed in the
Gulf of Mexico

Dec 11, 2014   + + +   At a water depth of 2,100 meters, the Chevron-operated Jack and St. Malo oil and gas fields are the deepest installation to date for Nexans’ innovative power umbilicals that integrate HV power supply and umbilical functions within a single cable cross-section. The Jack and St. Malo fields are located within 25 miles (40 km) of each other approximately 280 miles (450 km) south of New Orleans, Louisiana ... more


Liebherr: Spectacular single lift of RL-K 7500 subsea crane at
test bed in Rostock


Nov 22, 2014    + + +  On the premises of Liebherr in Rostock a remarkable single lift of the new RL-K 7500 subsea crane recently took place in the course of its loading for shipment to Asia. The lift was executed by four Liebherr cranes ... Currently, the RL-K 7500 is waiting for its scheduled delivery mid-November at the pier of the Liebherr factory in Rostock. The RL-K 4200, another model of Liebherr’s series of knuckle boom cranes, will be delivered to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. LTd. (DSME) together with the RL-K 7500. DSME plans to equip several of its ships with a set of Liebherr cranes consisting of one RL-K 7500 and three RL-K 4200. The new subsea crane with knuckle boom represents a convenient solution for subsea operations ...


Technip to supply high technological flexible pipes
for Tupi BV Iracema North pre-salt field


Nov 21, 2014 + + + Confirming its expertise and innovation in deepwater and leveraging its new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Açu, Brazil. Technip was awarded a contract from Tupi BV, a consortium controlled by Petrobras Netherland BV (PNBV, 65%) and constituted also by BG (25%) and Galp (10%), for the ongoing development of the Iracema North field, located in the Santos Basin pre-salt area, Brazil. Aiming to meet pre-salt challenges, the contract covers the supply of 114 kilometers of flexible pipes, including: gas lift, gas injection and gas export lines...


Accenture and SAP
offer new upstream operations management solution


Nov. 06, 2014 + + + Accenture and SAP SE are offering a new version of the SAP Upstream Operations Management application, which enables oil and gas companies to improve the accuracy of production data and identify production-optimization opportunities. As part of the expanding portfolio of solutions and services of Upstream Productions Operations by Accenture and SAP announced earlier this year, SAP Upstream Operations Management was co-developed to address these industry needs by the Accenture and SAP Business Solutions Group and is delivered by SAP  ....


Statoil: The gigantic Johan Sverdrup field,
one of the most profitable industrial projects in Norway over coming decades, will provide enormous value


Nov 3, 2014   + + +  Construction of the first phase may lead to 51,000 man-years related to Norwegian deliveries, and the field may produce revenues amounting to NOK 1350 billion. The project will provide new knowledge, new solutions and new opportunities  + + +   Johan Sverdrup is one of the biggest discoveries on the Norwegian continental shelf since the mid-1980s and ranks among the biggest developments in the years ahead ....
BASF presents innovations across all application segments
for the oil and gas industry

October 17, 2014   + + +   At the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) on October 27. – 29. 2014 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, BASF will showcase its range of innovative chemical solutions as well as sustainable solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry market. These solutions allow companies to maximize their operations throughout the different phases of petroleum production including drilling, cementing, stimulation, production and enhanced oil recovery ....

Wintershall contracts FMC for Maria subsea spread

Oct. 07, 2014   + + +   Wintershall has awarded FMC Kongsberg a $280-million engineering, procurement, and construction contract for subsea equipment for the Maria development in the Norwegian Sea. FMC will supply a subsea production system comprising two integrated template manifolds with respective trees and auxiliary equipment. The order includes the dynamic and the static umbilical, production riser base, subsea umbilical termination unit, and subsea control system ...

Subsea equipment.
Market will reach $35.84 billion in 2018, up from $23.13 billion in 2013.

Oct. 01, 2014 + + + Increasing demand and decreasing reserves in existing wells are two main factors driving the adoption of subsea equipment in the oil and gas industry. An analysis by Frost & Sullivan goes on to predict the subsea equipment market in 2018 to reach $35.84 billion, up from $23.13 billion in 2013 ...

BP Oman awards major contract to KCA Deutag

Oct 01, 2014  + + +  BP Oman awards two major drilling contracts. KCA Deutag has been awarded more than $400 million contracts for the construction and operation of five new build land rigs for Khazzan. The rigs are being assembled in Nizwa to help maximise employment opportunities in Oman . . .

Aker Wayfarer Wins Five-Year Contract from Petrobras

Sep 15, 2014   + + +   Aker Solutions' subsidiary Aker Oilfield Services (AKOFS) has won a contract worth USD 465 million over five years from Petrobras to provide subsea intervention services offshore Brazil from the Aker Wayfarer vessel. The contract will start within the fourth quarter of 2016 and has a five-year option extension. AKOFS will at the end of September become part of Akastor, an oilfield services investment company that will be one of two companies formed as part of the announced separation of Aker Solutions ....

Aker Solutions: 
Johan Sverdrup ... The Making of a Giant

August 26, 2014   + + +  Aker Solutions has assembled one of its biggest engineering teams ever to deliver the initial plans for the engineering and design phase of the giant North Sea Johan Sverdrup oil deposit  + + +  Johan Sverdrup  ... The Making of a GiantThe company is on track to deliver the first draft report due in the fourth quarter, a project that has involved 400 employees in Oslo and London. The work covers all four of the planned platforms for the first development phase, including the so-called topsides, jackets as well as bridges spanning the facilities ...

ABB launches world´s most powerful underground and
subsea power transmission cable system

August 21, 2014  + + +  ABB has announced a breakthrough in cable technology. It has successfully developed and tested a 525 kilovolt (kV) extruded high-voltage direct current (HVDC) cable system to make renewable energy installations more efficient and cost-effective. This latest innovation will more than double the power capacity to about 2,600 megawatts (MW) from 1,000 MW. It will also expand the cable's reach to distances of 1,500 kilometers, up from less than 1,000 kilometers, while keeping transmission losses under 5 percent. The new cable offers a 64 percent increase over 320 kV, currently the highest voltage deployed for this type of technology. The 525kV cable system can be deployed in subsea and underground applications ...


Statoil: Gudrun platform officially opened


August 19, 2014   +  +  +  Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg officially opened the Gudrun platform in the North Sea. This is the first new Statoil-operated platform on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) since Kristin in 2005. Gudrun is the first in a long line of new field developments operated by Statoil, and therefore it represents a new era on the NCS. The next in line are Valemon, Gina Krog, Johan Sverdrup ... also Aasta Hansteen and Johan Castberg to come in northern Norway ...

Trelleborg: New subsea gas compression technology


August 08, 2014   + + +   An issue for many subsea oil and gas fields is that decreasing natural pressure is reducing recovery and shortening the lifetime of fields. Owners of the Åsgard oilfield, situated some 200 kilometres off the coast of Norway, have developed a process that could bring benefits to the oil and gas industry for years to come. The recently launched Åsgard subsea compression project in the Norwegian Sea is the world’s first-ever subsea gas compression facility and a pioneering development for the industry  ...

MTU:  Emergency power for new 'Martin Linge'
North Sea platform


July 30, 2014    + + +   'Martin Linge', the new offshore oil and gas platform is due to go into service at the end of 2016 and will be installed in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea between Bergen and the Shetland Isles. A total of seven Series 4000 engines from MTU are to go into service on the platform.
Two gensets based on 20V Series 4000 P63 engines, each delivering 2,600 kW will provide power for essential consumers, while a 20V Series 4000 P63 emergency genset is to produce 2,245 kW. Another four 16V Series 4000 P83 engines delivering 2,240 kW are to drive fire-extinguishing pumps supplied by a Norwegian pump manufacturer ...

Latest Technip vessel prepares for sea trials


July 28, 2014 + + + Technip’s latest subsea construction vessel has been officially named the North Sea Atlantic, following a ceremony staged by the vessel’s owner at the NorYards shipyard in Laksevåg. Although it will work mainly in the North Sea, it is also suited for deepwater operations worldwide ...

Saipem wins contracts for FPSOs in Brazil and Angola


July 15, 2014   + + +  Saipem has won contracts to extend the leasing and upgrading works of the Cidade de Vitoria FPSO in Brazil, along with a lease extension and operation contract for the Gimboa FPSO in Angola. The combined contracts are worth $600 million ...

Technip awarded large contract for the Edradour Subsea Development


July 4, 2014  + + +  Technip was awarded a contract by Total E&P UK for the Edradour Subsea Development, located approximately 75 kilometers North West of the Shetland Islands, in approximately 300 meters of water. The Group will leverage its unique vertical position in the subsea business ...


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