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“Ceramic-Polymer SF/LF-SRB” for splash zone of CNOOC oil platform –
coating with fouling blocker is suitable for offshore applications

Project: New building of drilling platform, type WC13-6 (J275)

- Owner: CNOOC Ltd., Zhanjiang / China
- Engineering and construction of the platform: Shenzhen CSE, Shekou Shenzhen/China
- Application of the coating: Shen Zhen Yue Yang Company, Shenzhen / China
- Completion: August 2013

Why is it necessary to protect the splash zone of the pillar construction
with a suitable coating?

Within the intertidal zone and splash zone, the oxygen content of the sea water is increased due to currents and waves. Hence, the corrosion process is enormously accelerated by constantly moving water. In addition, severe mechanical abrasion results from flowing water. Therefore, it is essential to protect this section with a suitable coating system. Within the deep water sacrificial anodes usually provide an adequate cathodic protection against corrosion damages.

For the durable corrosion protection our coating product ”Ceramic-Polymer SF/LF-SRB” was applied directly on the steel substrate. 

Product advantages and properties of ”Ceramic-Polymer SF/LF-SRB”:

- Excellent sea water resistance
- High abrasion resistance
- Fouling-blocking effect due to chemical integration of special biocide crystals
- Patent-No. WO2011/000339 A2
- Easiest application by airless spraying methods
- 100 % solvent-free
- Simple to clean
- ISO 20340 - Performance requirements for protective coating systems for offshore
- and related structures
- Fish acute toxicity test according to GB 18420.1+2-2009 – Chinese Standard

Source: Ceramic Polymer GmbH -
Posted September 20, 2013

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Find more information in our Application Report / Newsletter

Our trade partner in China and technical guidance:
GuangZhou Wwin Petrochemical Technology Co. Ltd., GuangZhou, PRC 510160

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