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Cooperation Contract for Offshore Wind Projects in the Baltic Sea Signed

Jean Huby, CEO of AREVA Wind GmbH and Willi Balz, CEO of Windreich GmbH, signed an extensive cooperation contract for future offshore wind projects in the Baltic Sea.

Essential part of the contract is the agreement on the proposed wind turbines for wind farms in the planning stage: “Baltic Eagle” and “Baltic Ostseeschatz”. Around 130 of AREVA M5000-135 turbines with 5 MW capacity will be used, which are a further development of AREVA M5000-116. The advanced M5000-135 is characterized by a larger rotor diameter and thus up to 10% higher performance. This wind turbine is ideally suited for the wind conditions in the Baltic Sea.

Unlike the North Sea, network connection problems are not to be expected in the Baltic Sea, since it can be done with conventional AC technology because of the small distance from the coast in the Baltic Sea.

Dipl. Industrial Engineer Willi Balz, owner of Windreich GmbH, owns the rights to the projects “Baltic Eagle” and “Baltic Ostseeschatz ”. These are close to be approved by the BSH (Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency)

The agreement goes way back to years of cooperation between AREVA Wind and WINDREICH in the planning and implementation of offshore projects in the German North Sea.

Source: Windreich AG 
August 22, 2013



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