Welcome to the booth of SVT GmbH

World Leaders in Loading Technology

At SVT we are setting new standards in loading technology with marine arme designs that comply with the CFR, the OCIMF specification, ANSI B31.3 and other National and International codes. Our design, manufacturing operations comply with the stringent ISO 9001 quality standard.

SVT is a major single source supplier of 16" diameter marine arms for liquefied natural gas (LNG) service that are designed for minimum pressure loss and feature the SVT double ball valve ermergency release coupler and quick connect-disconnect coupler.

From the smallest to the largest LNG carriers in service and on the drawing boards, SVT has a proven engineered design to meet each customer's unique application.

Our program includes:
> Marine Loading Systems
> Land Loading Systems
> Swivel Joints
> Platform Stairways
> Control Systems

Loher Str. 1 - 58332 Schwelm - Germany
Phone +49 (0)2336-443-0
Fax +49 (0)2336-443-100


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